Exercising after having a baby

It is recommended to wait until you’ve had a satisfactory postnatal check-up before you start exercising.  This check-up generally takes place 6 – 8 weeks after you’ve had your baby. If you’ve had a caesarean, it’s recommended you wait  a further couple of weeks to allow healing.


The effects of pregnancy and birth on your body need to be taken into account when exercising, e.g. weak pelvic floor, less stable joints, stretched and weak tummy muscles.  Some of these effects last for several months after delivery.  Exercise classes specifically for postnatal women take these considerations into account and provide a safe and effective exercise programme.  However, there are some postnatal problems and medical conditions for which exercise is not recommended, or requires modification.  All class participants therefore complete a "screening form" before joining Mums, Tums & Bums. You can read the class safety sheet for more information.

Mums, Tums & Bums and Mums & Babies Classes

Mums, Tums & Bums and Mums & Babies are designed to help you recover from pregnancy and delivery more quickly, get back into shape and cope with the demands of caring for a new baby.  The class aims provide you with more information. The classes are also a good way to meet other new mums, have some time to focus on yourself, or exercise with your baby without worrying about childcare. 


Mums, Tums & Bums classes include exercises to strengthen, tone and gently stretch muscles that are important after having a baby.  The Mums & Babies classes also include "interval training" and "circuits"  to alternate cardiovascular activity (often including pram pushing) with recovery exercises, to provide a fun, low-impact cardio workout.  You can read the class structure and content information to find out more.


Classes are small (maximum of 14 people) and have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Babies are welcome at Mums, Tums & Bums classes until they are crawling and babies are part of the Mums & Babies class. Don’t worry if you haven’t exercised before, or think you don’t have any co-ordination. Everyone works at their own level and I teach and explain all the exercises fully and offer alternative moves if needed.



Classes run as a "course" over an 8 week period and you need to book a place on the course.  Booking details are included in the "classes & fees" section of this website.



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